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We are great in drawing and animating. We are also able to help you with attractive advertising, marketing, or communication for your brand in print or social media as well. We will be happy to audit and consult your brand or project needs and create a strong visual style and strategy.


We draw comic, cartoon, realistic, stylized or funny illustrations as a great and, above all, significant alternative to dull commercial photographs, which we come across today and every day on posters, products and their covers. The original illustrations from our workshop are much easier to attract and impress the viewer, because they are not yet suppressed by selective attention, as has happened with ordinary photographs and banners, which we are used to ignore.



We tell stories of brands, products or services. We create promotional, educational and entertaining comics with a wide range of comic book styles. We are able to create a script on a given topic and adjust the degree of visual styling according to the purpose of use and provide all this with professionally processed lettering. Whether it is short comic strips, one-page comics for a magazine or an entire comic book, you're at the right place with us.

Brand Design

We build unique illustrated corporate identities. Do you also see the importance of being different? Stand out from the crowd at every touchpoint with your customer! Let's talk about how to set your branding and visual identity so that it is unmistakable.

Animated Videos

We create complete cartoon or stylized videos, 3D, explainer animations, bumpers or simple GIFs. Our screenwriter will write content on any topic or we will realize the ideas you provide. We will enrich the animation with sound design, music and also voiceover. We provide both the complete production of an animated spot and possibly only its illustrated/animated part.

Character Design

The avatars are a great means of communication for any brand, promotion of services or products and embodies the character of the brand.. The avatar/mascot can accompany the entire communication and marketing strategy, from printed materials such as leaflets and posters to newsletters, it can be used on social networks or as a guide on the web, in an e-shop or as the main character in videos.


We build complete marketing campaigns and thanks to our rich experience from advertising and digital agencies, we can help you prepare campaigns in both the online and physical world. Our strong reach into digital, social networks and modern technologies will also help. Everything wrapped up in a strategy with strong visual differentiation.

Your dedicated external team

● Do you need regular delivery of creative content?
● Do you work on a long term and complex project?
● Do you need people for idea-making and realization too?

Hire your own external team of professionals who will be available when you need them.

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Our Team

We are an illustration, animation and creative studio. A small team of specialized and reliable creators who believe in standing out at first sight. We help companies and start-ups visually stand out! More than 7 years together we come up with attractive marketing and online communication of brands and explain their services and products.

Michael Petrus

Creative Director

Art direction, idea-making, marketing strategy, production, drawing

Michael has graduated from West Bohemia University while drawing comics as a freelancer. He has been working professionally for almost 15 years and has created a bunch of commercial and personal projects in the illustration and comics areas. He has received several international awards and he has been visiting Silicon Valley with his digital comic book start-up. Besides consulting companies in art marketing, he currently coaches creative professionals. Michael is a fan of modern technologies, drawing on iPad, and he is a lover of legendary rock band Foo Fighters.

Viktor Šauer

Managing Director

Brand & business management, marketing strategy, production, scriptwriting

Viktor graduated from CTU in Prague where he completed several foreign programs on 3 continents. He has been engaging in graphic design and creative writing since 2005 and managed to collect a number of internationally acclaimed authorial and commercial projects on its account. Thanks to his technical background, he has worked on several start-ups and helps individuals and companies build the voice and identity of their brand. Viktor is an avid traveler, songwriter, yogi, healthy eater, and fan of modern technologies and sports.

Barbora Vičarová

Creative Producer

Production, idea-making, client service

Bára studied Arts Management at the University of Economics in Prague and Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. She got to know the field of fine arts better during her work in the auction hall and she further deepens the experience she has gained in our team. She enjoys marketing, social networking, the digital environment and audio-visual creation, which she focuses on in her other projects. Bara enjoys reading, practicing yoga, listening to podcasts and learning to program.

Lamija Čehajić

Creative Producer

Production, graphics, studio support

Lamija is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She has also studied Humanities at Charles University. She works freelance on alternative theatre projects or as a translator for galleries and cultural institutions. She is interested in contemporary art theory and philosophy. At the same time, she aims to learn to speak French. She enjoys reading in Prague cafes with a cappuccino in her hand or walking through Stromovka.

  1. Michal


  2. Bohula


  3. Michal

    comic book artist

  4. David

    illustrator / designer

  5. Bahas

    designer / animator

  6. Mankin

    letterer / typeface designer

  7. Martin

    vector illustrator

  8. Jakub

    web developer

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