Lucky Citron


Client: Lucky Citron



One of those projects where the collaboration is an instant fit!


Lucie Zitterbartová from invited us to create a mascot for them and redesign their logo.

Despite the fact that Lucie’s main focus is
writing texts, she posts a lot on social networks and wants her content, and therefore her brand, to be seen…

differently, as distinctive, attractive, and in motion.


… and that’s what we’re here for. Initial call and let’s get it going!



wit – sarcasm – cartoon – dynamic






Lemon was meant to be a sarcastic commentator on what’s happening on social media and especially LinkedIn. With Lucia we very much worked on understanding his disposition and then putting that character and his attitude into the face of the mascot in a highly stylized form.


Because we knew we would need to express more complex themes with Lemon in the future, we also animated him,
we had to figure out how to add the second most important nonverbal element of body language – the hands. In the end, the levitating hands worked,
which only appear when they were needed.






We like to derive our overall visual style from the mascot.

Especially when it is the main communication element of the brand.
We’ve taken cues from his artwork and style in the logo, colours and other visual elements.







Attractiveness and highlighting lead to better brand recall.

In addition to a strong visual style, it will still work on social media.
Lemon’s absurdly exaggerated movement in minimalistically built visual creatives always catches the eye when scrolling through the feed.


In addition to the site, Lucie makes extensive use of animated graphics for posting on her social media. 

Be sure not to miss the inspiration on her LinkedIn.





A website needs to be memorable. The reader must get the impression that they are in a place

that is not like any other, and the end of the working week, they won’t see a website like this again.

What’s more, they will still remember the site on Friday. That’s why they always remember it
when they search for copy services or they get the impression that the bunch behind are no amateurs!

We have created animated illustrations and icons for the website. We left the code here to the client by agreement.





The deliverables for the visual identity include a graphic manual. It’s an item that no brand should be missing.
We believe that manuals don’t need to be dozens or hundreds of pages long. We prefer simplicity.

But they must describe sufficiently all the essential graphic elements (just to orient the graphic designer),

their use and possible suggestions for further implementations
… to avoid trouble 🙂