Visual Identity of MyQ Solutions


Client: MyQ Solutions



For MyQ we redesigned their old visual identity based on comic characters,

the story of their brand and their products through the format of a comic.

We love it when a client is bold, creative and not afraid to be different.







An inevitable element of MyQ’s visual communication is animated videos,

a metaphor for their newly launched cloud services MyQ Roger.




Characters of mYQ story


MyQ’s animated videos, comics and other brand communications include a series of characters that demonstrate

the use of MyQ,presenting information, news and are the focal points of other communication.



Characters have many uses. Sometimes they draw attention to certain facts, sometimes they present

and sometimes they are simply an attractive visual accessory that ties together a strong visual brand communication.




Infographics to communicate the brand’s approach to ecological questions.







Completion of communication on the web in animated form for higher attraction of the visitor.