Scratch Wars


for card game

and application scratch wars



The brand Scratch Wars reached out to us for the preparation of a couple of dozens of characters for their innovative card and mobile game.

The task was to stick to the already established style and concept, which has functioned for the game for a couple of years.


It was also necessary to complete everything on a short deadline which was impossible for individual artists.

Here we got a chance to use our well designed creative process of our studio, which meant that individual artists took up retain parts of the process

and various stages of the creation, precisely design – drawing – coloring and coordination.




personality – joke – cartoon – playfulness – quickness 🙂


The biggest challenge was understanding of an already functioning set of characters. Not only style, but also patterns of design, attention to detail,

uniqueness and inclusion of witty playfulness of each character. We chose one of our designers that has gone through hours and hours of such games.

In combination with art direction of good quality we created this set of unique characters with versatile characteristics in which none are alike.





As in all our creations, a part of the creative progress is agreement on the individual phases of the process.




This is a selection of the designs that we have worked on.




The creative process is rarely straightforward so some of the characters went through a change.

The design and the essence of the crab-knight Motorak remained, but with the finalisation came a helmet, adjustment of scale and masking of the armor.






Would you like to replace a brain with a propeller with a delicious flower? No problem!