We bring 16 years of visual full-service experience to the collaboration on projects focused on brand development, marketing campaigns, entertainment, education, video games and the arts. We are great at drawing, animating, designing and telling your stories. We’re a creative team with substantial knowledge of marketing and a passion for technology, artificial intelligence, video and board games, movies, TV shows… and everything around pop culture. 

Brand Design

Logo and visual identity. Our services include the comprehensive creation of visual identity and brand communication, from basic branding strategy and logo design, through careful selection of colors and fonts, to the application of design to print and digital materials. Our expertise extends to the creation of illustrated websites and presentations. We will also create a graphic manual that can be easily referenced by us or someone else when extending the style to other applications such as packaging designs, decals, billboards and more. We can also undertake a re-design of your existing visual style to match current trends and your brand’s needs.

Example of Visual Identity

Illustrations / Key Visuals

In our workshop, we create illustrations in a wide range of styles – from comic and cartoon to realistic and differently styled. These illustrations can serve as key visuals for your marketing campaigns. These are a great and above all distinctive alternative to the drab commercial photographs we commonly come across in the online and offline world today. Our original illustrations are designed to effectively grab the viewer’s attention and leave a strong impression, because they are still not suppressed by selective attention, as often happens with conventional photography and artificial AI generations that we have gradually come to ignore.

Illustrations of various character

Corporate Illustration

Animated Videos

We specialize in creating complex animated videos and commercials, including 3D animation and animatics. Our services cover a wide range of needs — from explainer videos to commercial spots, bumpers or simple GIFs. Our scriptwriter is ready to create a script on any topic, or we can work with the ideas you provide. We will enhance the animation with professional sound design, appropriately chosen music and a voiceover delivered by an experienced actor. We can arrange both the complete production of the animated spot or just its visual part.

Animated videos

Animated logos

Mascots / Character Design

Mascots are not only a great communication tool, but also a memorable symbol that gives brands or products a unique and eye-catching identity. Our designers are experts in creating mascots that can accompany all marketing communications – from flyers and newsletters to social networks and websites, where they can serve as guides or as main characters in videos and commercials. Mascots embody and enhance the character of your brand, with each character created with your unique brand values in mind.

Examples of marcots

Examples of game characters

Packaging Design

We fully understand the importance of first impressions. Our expertise in packaging design allows us to create packaging that catches the eye of customers both on store shelves and in online e-commerce listings. We believe that every product has a unique story that deserves to be told with love, care and creativity. Every vector, color and detail is carefully designed to not only catch the eye, but also effectively communicate your brand values and essence. Give your product the best possible start and create a strong bond between your product and its customers. 

Example of craft beer brand Roger

Example of game sets from Albi


We are one of the leading Czech creators with a wide range of comic styles, from commercial to artistic projects. We tell brand stories with as much skill as we create fiction. Our ability to create an engaging script on a given theme is complemented by carefully tailored visual styling and professionally crafted lettering (typesetting). Whether it’s short comic strips, one-page comic strips for magazines or large-scale comic books, you’ve come to the right place.

Examples of comics

AR / Instagram Filters

Because we enjoy technology, we have embraced the creation and implementation of AR Instagram filters. With AR filters, often enriched with 3D effects, we open up new avenues for promoting brands and products. In our studio, we combine creativity with the latest technology to create interactive visual experiences that appeal to our target audience on social media. Our AR filters not only provide our clients with an effective branding tool but also a unique way to connect with their audience. We offer innovative and engaging visuals that customers can share with their friends, further strengthening brand awareness.

Illustrated Websites

We believe creating a distinctive microsite style for a marketing campaign is the key to capturing attention. We place great emphasis on making a quick and unmistakable connection with users, which in a world of digital interactions is essential for the success of any online presence. Our custom-designed illustrations and web graphics styles, which are in line with the brand’s visual identity, reinforce its uniqueness and make it memorable in the digital environment. In addition, our well-designed web elements not only promote visual appeal but also enhance user-friendliness by simplifying website navigation and clarity.

Examples of illustrated websites

Concept Art

In our understanding, concept art is much more than just drawing – it is a visual language that connects ideas with reality and opens the door to the materialization of fantastic worlds, characters, weapons and vehicles. We bring your ideas to life, creating the foundation for unforgettable game worlds that players love to explore and fall in love with. Our thousands of hours spent playing and designing games provide a solid foundation for creating complex and inspiring concepts. We strive to bring authenticity and uniqueness to every aspect of your game to give players an unforgettable experience.

Examples of concept art and design

Game / Promo Art

In the world of game design, whether in static form or motion graphics, every pixel plays a key role in the process of creating a memorable visual impression and attracting players. We recognize the power of visual storytelling and precise design, which are essential to the success of game titles. Our work is about translating game concepts into engaging and immersive visual experiences that speak directly to the target audience. Our promotional artwork not only creates a unique visual identity that stands out in the crowd but also brings atmosphere and emotional depth that makes players want to explore and experience your game.

These projects are still awaiting publication

Creative Concept / Style

We will come up with an original idea, script, design the art style and other aspects of the visual communication of the brand or campaign. Our goal is to create unique solutions tailored just for you, to differentiate your brand at a first glance, engraving it in the minds of your target audience and effectively engaging them in appropriate marketing channels. We can implement the concept for you in-house, or prepare it as a complete visual document with a brief for your team. We have a thorough understanding of marketing and practical experience in applied design. Design is not an art, but above all a functional tool.

Example of brand identity

Example for a video game

Storyboards / Animatics

Storyboards are an essential tool for visualizing a script, whether it’s an animated video, a commercial spot or a film story. Animatics are then an animated version of a storyboard, enriched with a layer of music, sounds and voice-over to create a deeper emotional impact. We are well aware that the requirements for storyboards can vary widely. We try to find the right balance between price and quality. However, the animatic must always be clear, uncluttered and sufficiently concise. Whether for technical purposes in film production or to create an atmospheric presentation for clients, our storyboards are designed to meet the specific requirements and ideas of each project.

Examples of storyboards

Examples of animatics

3D Modelling / Animation

While our dominant focus is 2D, we are also passionate about working in 3D, which opens the door to even greater possibilities for creativity and innovation. 3D art allows us to not only work with another dimension but also to immerse ourselves in fascinating virtual worlds, including augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. Our services in this area include complex processes ranging from modeling, rigging and texturing, to detailed visualization and fluid animation. Each project challenges us to create a unique and visually compelling piece of work.

Examples of 3D work

Examples of 3D animation


From T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, bags, stickers, wristbands, posters, postcards, calendars, pens, bottles, and tattoos to suitcases — almost anything can be printed nowadays. We offer a comprehensive merchandising service, from the initial idea, through careful product selection, to the actual implementation. Our team is ready to help you create original and memorable merch that perfectly represents your brand and engages your customers.

Examples can be found in many of our projects

Graphic Design

As experienced visual artists, we are fully equipped to integrate our illustrated and animated creations into a wide range of applications — from websites, to print materials, to UI design. We have the knowledge and skills needed to apply our creative output in practice, both in branding and promotions. We specialize in logo design, design manuals, print materials, digital banners, large-format promotional materials, and virtually anything else you or your brand can think of.

Examples of graphic design

Comic strip “The commission process”

The short comics that describe our process are not just a quick and concise visual explanation of how we work, but also a case study of how comics can be presented in an interesting way in a digital environment.

View the motion comics

The creation process, pricing, contracts, delivery times, styles… and everything else.

It’s important to us that our clients are as well informed as possible during the collaboration, but also before we even start anything together 😉 That’s why we’ve compiled a detailed insight into the workings of our studio.

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