Albi Crafts & Science

How to show children the fun world of educational sets Albi Science and Albi Crafts?
With the help of comic book heroes who will experience all adventures first hand!
And they can do it on paper, on real products in the store and on television






We have developed a product catalog with educational game sets
like an adventurous comic, where our main characters discover
individual worlds, crafts or professions.






We visually harmonized the real product boxes with the catalog
and elaborate the boxes to the last detail, including thoughtful interiors
or manuals that are included in the game boxes.








Three Comic TV commercials were also created together with Albi,
in which our heroes came to life right on the screen!
Come with us through the whole process – from sketches,
through colored illustrations to the TV spot itself …









promotional comics


Part of the product marketing was a comic book story in ABC magazine, in which we have described

the process of creating a comic catalog. How to pass on information about making

marketing materials attractive to its target group (children and parents)?

Of course, I’m a comic!