We always cheer for a brand that decides to go unconventional with their idea.

This is the current marketing of the e-shop Sanitino.

webových re-cutů na sociální sítě a dalších doprovodných vizuálů, jako jsou billboardy nebo bannery pro online kampaně

Our task was to create a visual style to communicate brand awarness, linking the story

and processing everything in the form of an animated TV spot,
web re-cuts for social media and other accompanying visuals such as billboards or banners for online campaigns



wit – expressive style – water element – hyperbole – dynamics





In the storyboard, we presented two ideas that were aimed at different target groups in different life situations.
The client chose version B.
A story about renovating an old plasterboard bathroom into a new one.

Thanks to products from the Sanitino e-shop, of course.




After the first iterations of the concept, a modified storyboard was assembled with a makeshift voice-over,
performed by our talented voiceover artist Michael to test the footage and overall feel of the concept in the context of time.
In the next step, sketches for the animation’s sharp cartoon foundation began to emerge,
on which we visualized the basic cuts, movements and overall phrasing of the spot.









The result in an animation that was further recycled into web versions for social media marketing.







We also converted the video into a portrait format for use on social media
for forms such as Instagram stories, reels, etc.





Together with the TV spot that ran in the digital space, a banner and classic outdoor billboard campaign

continued to maintain brand awareness with the same visual style, colour scheme
and characters that viewers may have known from TV.