Creation of a mascot, which together with the logo should form the main visual symbol of the e-shop brand for the sale of grills and their accessories.

The mascot connects its appearance at a glance with the business area, draws attention to itself, helps brand memorability,

helps communicate information through creative and banners on social media, in newsletters or animated spots – these are the main functions of a mascot.



exaggeration – premium – stylish – comic


First of all, we put together a sheet with reference images that gave the direction of the mascot a
nd what impression it should give. In this particular case, the process eventually showed us that a lot of pivoting of the original intent was needed.


This was a decision based on appropriate design versus intended use combined with the client’s subjective ideas. 

Based on the references, we were able to get down to designing the character itself.

This stage is not about drawing, this is about design = what the mascot will look like, how it will represent the brand and its products,

how the target audience will identify with it.

We are exploring several possible options. Most of all, we’ve been fine-tuning the type of head and what it should look like.

Original designs didn’t quite feel like a pig, so we removed the beard and focused on the pig head. 

But we had to tweak it so that it didn’t look too unsympathetic. Our piggy must be a likeable one, even if sarcastic and tough!


The final form of the mascot and its variations:

Accompanying illustrations were also part of the visual communication 
on the website and social media.

Use of illustrations on the web, in banners and on social networks.